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33, Woman
Dayton, AL, United States
  • lacey08 33, Woman 1 month ago
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    • lacey08 33, Woman more than 3 months ago
    • Does saying I love you in early hours of the morning count?

    Personal Information

    I'm interested in exploring new things - nothing dangerous or too painful. I have a really wet and juicy pussy that drips when I am horny and I usually squirt when I come good. I really hope you can last because what I need right now is someone who can last the pace and give me the real pounding that I need. It would work best for me if there are no emotional attachments at all, I really don't have room in my life for strings and things. Don't be some other fake person in your reply, please be yourself. 

    I am seeking:
    5' 6"
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Body Type:
    Design (Architect/Fashion)