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32, Woman
Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
  • smiles4ux 32, Woman 2 months ago
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    Personal Information

    ABOUT ME: Hello, my name is Nicole.I am a very simple person. I am so easy to please. I love spending time with my family and of course, with my friends.But that's what I am. I'm all about emotions, feelings and support. I'm passionate in almost everything that i do, like WORK, MUSIC, travelling and shopping, reading books, tripping on almost everything like food, movies, etc. i can't say that i'm perfect, i'm not trying to be and i never intend to be.. making mistakes and screwing up sometimes is what makes the adventure in life. in life, there is beauty in everything.. but i think not everyone sees it...i am just a simple person.. :: loves to hangout w/ friends alot.. i'm fond of music... it's my life... i can't live w/o it..i love to play billiards.. :i am sometimes misjudged to be a snob.. maybe at first glance i am but when u got the chance to know me.. i assure u that ud love me... 

    I am seeking:
    5' 6"
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