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37, Woman
Tacoma, WA, United States

Personal Information

Single female, attractive. I am a down to earth girl who enjoys the simple things in life. I'm not much of the club type, but that is just because I haven't really met anyone that I could have a good time with, but I do love to dance. Anything that will provide adrenalin entertainment such as motocross, going to the lake, 4x4 driving, camping, anything I am definitely down to do. Relaxing on the couch while watching a movie or just sitting there talking about nothing. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, for you will never see the same sunset twice. The part of my personality that is very clear is that I don't have the patience nor the time for everyday drama that is played out by the drama queens who do enjoy it (ex's, jealous people, etc). So drama and I really will not fly.... you know life is too short to play the THOSE kind of games, there is definitely better things to occupy my time with.... 

I am seeking:
5' 3"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Business (Management)