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41, Woman
Silver Spring, MD, United States

Personal Information

Best described as a reformed 'good girl', for me being 'bad' is about feeling wonderful, & the better I feel, the badder i get. a wonderfully delicious vicious circle. For me, life is all about living opposites -- exquisite pleasure & biting pain, passionate love & aching heartbreak, good & bad. I believe we are all here to live those moments to their fullest, and NOT to strike a balance between them -- the balancing act just makes you (or at least me) somewhat numb to good and to bad alike. If we are REALLY lucky, we get to experience the extremes simultaneously. This is the REALLY good stuff in life where all the flavor is trapped. If you have no idea of WTF I mean, I'll explain with an analogy. As you probably know, when you cook a roast, for example, there are bits that get stuck at the bottom of the pan. You choose what to do with 'em. Some people may discard them (after all, the charred pieces of meat don't look too appetizing to some, the fat from the roast can look a little yucky), and serve a hunk of roasted meat with a little garnish of parsley and maybe some salt and pepper. While this meal will make one un-hungry and will give you nutrients you need to live, it (in my opinion) is bland and completely neglects the taste buds. The good stuff is there for us to just put to good use - add a little red wine and a dab of butter bring it to a boil, and VOILA - a delicious, savory sauce that elevates your meal to an entirely different level. The two cannot even be compared and the choice is ours. Enough about my philosophy, I'll tell you a little bit about me. I am a stylish, tasteful woman with a wildly creative imagination and an exhilarating sense of adventure. I adore my contradictions - I am extremely selective, but very low maintenance; very bright, but positively ditsy at moments; Appreciate and love the finer things in life (excellent food, wine, chocolate & SHOES!!!), but not materialistic. Speaking of materials, I am not looking for a man to provide me with the aforementioned goodies - I am the anti-gold-digger if ever there was one. (But it would REALLY help if your soul can appreciate Manolo and Vahlrona and if you know how they distinguish themselves from Enzo and Godiva, respectively). Speaking of shoes, I lust after high heels (just feel extra sexy in 'em - no serious fetish here). As for like/dislike I positively am not into humiliation or serious pain, and I bruise as easily as a ripened plum. Other than that, I like to be open to nine out of ten options (ix-nay on scat, WS, blood). Surely, you, being the creative Dom that I simply know you are can cum up with more than ten options, non? 

I am seeking:
Women, Men
5' 10"
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Clerical (Office/Shop)