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27, Woman
Ipswich, Queensland, AU
  • yKandyKraz 27, Woman more than 3 months ago
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Personal Information

am an awesome woman who wants to find a man that is the “real deal". If your are interested, I would be more than happy to define the meaning of "real deal"..... all you have to do is ask. I could list a whole bunch of activities I enjoy, but my bottom line is I’m looking for a friend who inspires and someone to spend sweet blissful moments with. Not 24/7, but someone I can look forward spending the weekend with and know that he is looking forward to spending the same time with me. Having a blast with each other without really doing much of anything is very important to me. Although I am truly comfortable with my life and who I am, lately I seem to be spending too much time alone. Alone time is good, but when it starts stretching into years, it gets to you after awhile. I really miss a loving relationship. 

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5' 5"
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