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33, Woman
Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • yfuh925 33, Woman 1 month ago
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    Personal Information

    Family and friends would describe me as energetic, creative, compassionate, and fiercely loyal. Honesty and integrity have a place of high priority. There is great pride in being a teacher. I enjoy chocolate, barbeque with a cold beer, dance, hiking, and birding. It's been said I have a quick wit and a clever sense of humor. I possess a great love for the outdoors -- camping hiking fishing in the woods, mountains, and on clear lakes. Yes, I bait my own hooks and have been the first boat out before dawn. Partaking in a colorfully painted sunrise, a barefoot walk along a white sanded beach, or laughter across a table at the end of the work day would have greater meaning for me if there was that special someone with whome to share them. I believe we create our own happiness and that there is a special love and soulmate for each of us. I hope that gentleman finds me.  

    I am seeking:
    5' 8"
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Body Type:
    Clerical (Office/Shop)