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51, Woman
Indianapolis, IN, United States

Personal Information

This profile is not everything there is about me, the question is: "do you want to know the real me or masturbate against your delusions" talking to me is the only way to get to know me.I'm a submissive female by nature not by training. What I seek is the dominate male that knows how to win a submissive's heart enough for her to give of herself to him totally.I'm tired of trying to find the right one only to have them tell me after first dates, that there are to many obsticals to deal with, or cause they decide something I told them from the start was a problem.Please, if you are serious and want to know me, take the time to really know me other wise don't waste mine or your time. It doesn't happen in one date, or over night, it takes time to feel out each other, to get to know each other.I have a daughter, so if a child is a problem, it's best to know up front that I have one. If your serious about wanting to know me, serious enough to want to spend more then one night learning me then email me. I'm not looking to jump in bed for fast sex.I don't mess with married men or men that are attached. So please don't email me to fill your sexual pleasures cause your partner doesn't. If that's what you seek maybe you should be seeking a new partner. 

I am seeking:
5' 7"
American Indian
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Body Type:
Prefer Not To Say